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Animal Whey Protein 5 lbs Universal Nutrition

-19% Animal Whey Protein 5 lbs Universal Nutrition

Animal Whey Protein 5 lbs Universal Nutrition

Universal Animal Whey protein isolate 2.3kg 2300g is the most advanced and revolutionary whey protein supplement from Universal Nutrition that releases the "Muscular Gym Animal" within you! Universal animal whey protein isolate means increased solid muscle mass.

Brand: Universal Nutrition
Product Code: Universal Animal Whey 2300g
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Universal Nutrition Animal Whey protein 5 lb / 2.30kg + free gift at your choice!

Do you want to release the muscular Animal that is inside you? Universal Animal Whey is the most advanced and revolutionary whey protein supplement of Universal Nutrition. Animal whey is synonymous with solid muscle increase which allows you to enter faster in phase "Beast mode".  

There are for sale low price proteins termed "low cost" that apart from having a poor nutritional value, have unpleasant flavors and cause digestive problems and intestinal. In Universal Animal Whey protein you find a protein supplementation of excellent taste, mixes easily and quickly, with added digestive enzymes that accelerate the breakdown of specific proteins and consequent improvement in the absorption of the same. Above all, Animal Whey of Universal Nutrition boasts an ideal nutritional composition dedicated to professional bodybuilding athletes, men or women who need to ingest optimized whey protein formulas of the highest quality without feeling discomfort in the stomach.  

Universal Animal Whey protein supplementation is more expected by practitioners of weight training for decades. This dietary supplement contains the highest percentage of whey protein isolate obtained through the process of micro-filtering crusade. Complemented by ultra filtration of concentrated whey protein and fortified with Papain and Bromelain. Scientific studies show that these digestive enzymes have the feature to facilitate the breakdown and total absorption of proteins, in addition to making the operation of digestion more facilitated to the stomach.  

Animal Whey is the most complete protein supplement in the supplements market. This whey protein provides you 9 (nine) amino acids essential for a more solid muscle increase and best defense in the immune system. This protein is especially a BCAA Leucine, enriched with evidence given with respect to a greater stimulation of the muscle gain, to impressive results in bodybuilding athletes.  

Universal Animal Whey increases your ability to recover, so you can get back in the gym in the next training session without pain, without reduction of your defenses and organic performance.    

How to take: mix 1 (one) scoop of Animal Whey with 150-200 ml of skimmed milk or another drink of your choice. For best results and on training days, take 2 or more scoops immediately after training, in the space between meals or whenever you need to ingest protein. You can add more or less liquid, depending on whether or not a flavor more pronounced.


M. filipe on 28/04/2015
5( 5 / 5 )
5**** para esta proteína. Bom sabor, dissolve bem e faz-me sentir ótimo. recomendo!

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