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Sports Injuries - Prevention, Treatment

Posted by in on October 07, 2013 . 0 Comments.

Sports Iinjuries - How to prevent and treat.


Although there are lots of benefits to health in practice of any sport, he can get injuries. In this article we will focus on two popular sports more physically active.

cycling related injuries:

Although cycling is not a sport heavy, repetitive motions involve a wide range of potential injuries, such as:

Plantar fascitis or heel pain: this injury may be worsened by the simple fact that many of the cycling shoes do not have enough reinforcement plant to support the Arch of the foot. To prevent this injury, holding a rope stretching with your hands, pass it around the round part of the foot and pull back. This action will stretch the Arch of the foot and will help to reduce the pressure.

Chodromalacia patella: is caused by the deteoração the bottom of the patella and consequent pain in that area. Exercises that involve stretching the legs, can help in the prevention of this type of injury.

The cyclist can take advantage of the use of supplements suitable as preventive of sports injuries. Due to the action of several muscles involved in pedaling, can lead to the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles of the legs. Taking dietary supplements suitable as for example Acid Killer, delay fatigue, eliminate the lactic acid and help in the balance between the upper and lower body, becoming an enormous benefit to the health of the athlete.

Racing-related Injuries:

running injuries - corpsoflex 

The race is an activity that allows the athlete to achieve proper form. But like any physical activity, can cause injuries such as:

Medial Tibial Stress syndrome: manifests itself by a pain on the inside of the leg. Strengthen the muscles of the calf "can prevent this injury.

The Achilles Tendonitis is a localized pain at the bottom of the calf. This injury can be avoided by performing stretching and strengthening muscles of the calf.

Patellar tendinitis weakens the body area between the tibia and the patella. This injury can be avoided by performing exercises of squats.

Muscle strains are one of the biggest problems of any athlete. Stretching and strengthening of the abdominal muscles, adductor muscles and muscles around the pelvis, can help prevent this type of lesions.

Regardless of the physical activity practice, CorposFlex can help your body becomes more flexible and strong, in order to avoid injuries and recover more quickly when they occur.

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