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How to Gain Weight and Muscle Mass Effective 10 Rules

Posted by in on October 07, 2013 . 1 Comments.

Gain muscle mass and weight 10 golden rules.


When I was a teenager I loved to eat and was bouncing off meals. That was reflected in my body that was just skin and bones. Until I decided to join a gym to gain muscle mass. Understand the relationship between eating well and muscle progress.

At the time the power went on to have a new meaning for me. I went through many experiences and mistakes. Ingesting high amounts of calories, 2 to 3:0 a day in the gym and ate everything that appeared in front. What really matters is that in those years, I could eat whatever I wanted to do because my body burned everything.

Of course now looking back, I realize I could have done things differently. Although I have been lucky enough to have a mother who cooked a heavenly health food. In contrast to today, where fast food and junk food took space and changed our eating habits.

Then follow a few simple rules you can follow, or best rules I would have followed. These rules are not difficult, not inflexible on the contrary, are outlines that you can modify and adapt according to your needs and objectives.

Rule 1: Eat!

I can't tell you the countless times that ask me how to gain muscle mass. The answer to that question is simple: "what are your eating habits? Nine out of ten eating habits are weak. Or eat tons of junk food, or don't eat enough. So if the goal is to gain weight, you must eat! You must eat enough each day to create caloric reserves that can be used as fuel in every workout.

2 Rule: Eat Properly

Ensure that your diet includes healthy options. Consume quality carbohydrates such as cereal, rice, potatoes, pasta, oats ... And lots of fruits and vegetables. Choose quality proteins such as chicken, Turkey, tuna, milk, eggs and cheese. I wouldn't worry too much about fats. If your diet is varied and the aim is to gain weight and muscle mass, so the body will take care of this detail.

Rule 3: eat Often

The 3 main meals should not fail. Between each 3:0, eat some fruit and the mid-morning and afternoon take a protein supplement.

Rule 4: Train

Muscle gain if you don't train. And not only that, you won't get muscle if you don't train hard. There are many times we see people playing with their phones or mp3. Other busy spending time socializing. These are the same individuals who say they have already tried but fail to gain weight and muscle mass. So whenever possible and go to the gym to fulfill the purpose, practice and train hard. Like going to the gym, like train, have fun practicing, but train!

Rule 5: train with Intelligence

Train enough to make the muscles work. Whatever too much is bad for you. Adjust the intensity, the repetitions and sets according to the needs. Take advantage of your metabolism fast and work each muscle group twice a week.

a good result may be as follows:






Twins/Thighs Back/Biceps

Rule 6: vanity at the door

Don't worry thinking that others are stronger and therefore must overcome their natural physical abilities and lift more weight than you would be possible. Take it easy! Sometimes exceed some limits, but safely. The excesses can take him to injuries that take months to recover.

Rule 7: Intelligence

Do not abuse or exceeding the recommended doses of supplements to take. It will not speed up its objectives. Remember that they cannot replace a healthy and balanced diet. Sports and food supplements are a support for your workouts.

Rule 8: Rest

The muscles grow during the adequate rest. When the body is asleep, he has the opportunity to repair and develop the muscles after practice that had before

Rule 9: Search knowledge

Read about the training, make your searches and take your own conclusions. Just for the fact that it is written, does not always mean it is an undisputed truth. Read articles on sites like CorposFlex . While absorbs knowledge, will form their own opinion and find programs that adapt to your body and its objectives.

Rule 10: have fun

Be not a prisoner of the gym. Have fun if you think you're too attached to the gym, stop, relax and slow down for a while the trips to the training. Find the balance. Visit the CorposFlex and learn about food supplements and sporting news and follow us on Facebook where you will find more than enough reasons to stay motivated.


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