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Coenzyme Q10 - Effects, Beneficts, Advantages

Posted by in on November 10, 2013 . 0 Comments.

Coenzyme Q10 's effects, benefits and many advantages


Coenzyme Co-Q10 has among other benefits and effects on the body, to improve energy production and physical performance. So it has been important in the production of energy (ATP) due to the fact that Co-q10 be a key cofactor electron carrier chain in the body, reducing the fatigue process . Regular supplementation of Conzima q10 also reduces inflammation and oxidative stress caused by intense exercise,

Practitioners of endurance exercises, such as corridors, triathlon athletes, cyclists and foremost practitioners of weight training, may benefit from taking regular Coenzyme q10 .

Various scientific studies have been made regarding the advantages of supplementation with antioxidants to practitioners of physical activities. The attention paid to this topic is justified, because the practice of physical activities significantly increases the production of free radicals in the body.

Coenzyme Co-Q10 slows the aging process, which occurs due to the ability to improve the power state of the cells and increase the efficiency of utilization and absorption of oxygen in the body. Studies have shown that the percentage of Coenzyme Q10 in the body decreases with age. And it is common to see people with good musculature and body posture, giving indications who train hard and who are in good physical shape, but that nevertheless appear to be older than they really are. This is due to the high production of free radicals derived from the intense workout, plus the low or no consumption foods/supplements antioxidants.

How free radicals are formed?

Free radicals are formed in our body during the process of transformation of oxygen in water. It is estimated that about 5% of the oxygen consumption by the body not be efficiently converted into water, becoming so in free radical. Because the oxygen consumption increases during physical activity, so the accumulation of free radicals in the body is greater. To compensate and annul this increase in free radicals, it becomes necessary to increase the intake of supplements and (or) antioxidant foods.

By everything explained above, it is concluded that the brain and the nervous system have natural tendency to suffer oxidative damage, assuming a low antioxidant protection is one of the main reasons behind the advent of neuro-degenerative diseases. One of the antioxidants that is being increasingly used is the Coenzyme Q10 , who has the ability to capture/neutralize free radicals and act as a stimulant of the immune system.

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